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How to replace the car ignition module?

How to replace the car ignition module?

A car ignition module is a small component that performs massive tasks. It is used to control the ignition spark sequence and it also fires the ignition coil. These components are very sensitive to heat and many of the companies locate their modules inside the engine compartment of their vehicles. 

But, however, you can easily replace the ignition module of your car after following the simple steps. No matter, what is the model of your car? You can easily replace the module if you follow the following steps carefully. 

Before you head towards the steps to follow, you should make sure that you are capable of doing things on your own. If you have never done anything like this before and you are panicking. Then it is better that you call a locksmith near you and ask him to do this for you.

However, if you have not done anything like this before and still want to take a chance. Then stay confident and carefully follow the instructions. You will get a mark. 

Take a look at the steps below and follow them to replace the car ignition module. 

Step number 1: the first thing is to locate the place where the ignition module is. So, place the car safely at a leveled surface and then locate the ignition module. 

Step number 2: look under the dashboard, if the module is located there, unplug the wires and unscrew the bolts using a screwdriver. After the bolts are removed, replace the old unit with a new module. Install the new module and plug the wires carefully. 

Step number 3: Open the hood and remove the distributor cap using a screwdriver or ratchet. Do not disconnect the spark plug wires from the distributor cap. Some ignition modules are mounted inside the distributor. Unplug the electrical connector from the module and remove the mounting bolts and the socket using a screwdriver. Replace the old module with the new unit and install the mounting bolts. 

Step number 4: Look on one side of the distributor. Some modules are attached to the outside case of the distributor. Mark the exact mounting location of the distributor base on the engine so you can reinstall the distributor at the same exact location to avoid disturbing the engine timing. Remove the distributor cap using a Phillips screwdriver or ratchet and socket, but do not remove the spark plug wires. Remove the distributor mounting bolts and lift the distributor off the engine compartment. Remove the ignition module mounting bolts and install the new module in place. Install the distributor on the engine following the match-mark and install the distributor cap.

This is how you can replace the ignition module of your vehicle. But if you face problems doing this, you can call locksmith Philly to help you. We can offer you high-quality services at reasonable prices anytime you want.  

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