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Can your car keys get hacked?

Can your car keys get hacked?

Can your car keys get hacked? This has been the recurring question asked by both new and old car owners. The obvious answer is yes. Your car keys can get hacked if the vehicle is operated with a car fob. Despite the advancement in car technology, hackers have found a loophole to hack car keys and made away with people’s cars. In this post, you are going to find out the ingenious ways hackers use to hack car keys and learn how to take precautions. So, read on for the full insight. 

How your car keys can get hacked

Car thieves can gain entrance into your car by hacking the keys. This is usually done by intercepting the signal from the car key fob. Car key hackers make use of electronic car key boxes to tap the signals that come from your car key fob. Two boxes are usually used to receive signals coming from your car fob. One of the boxes is placed near your home and the other box is near the car. The box near your home gets signals which are passed through the walls or windows of your home and sent to the other box near the car. The signal is then tricked into believing it is from the real car owner since the fob is nearby and the key is registered to unlock the car doors and start the engine. This way, the car hacker goes away with your car unchallenged. 

How to prevent car key hackers from intercepting signals from your car key fob

It is important to learn how to prevent thieves from hijacking the signals from your car key fob. If you understand how to prevent this, then your cherished possession won’t be stolen. Follow these three approaches to prevent car crooks from stealing your car.

  1. Use car fob blockers

One of the preventive measures you can take to stop car key hackers from stealing your car is to use key fob blockers. Car key signal blockers block signals coming from the fob.They are specially designed bags meant to ensure your car keys are safe. They are relatively affordable at around $10 to $20. Some can cost more depending on their quality, but it is better to get one to keep car key hackers at bay. The cost of the bag is nothing compared to the actual cost of your car. 

After purchasing the bag, make sure it is tested so you are certain it is working properly. You would need to lock the car and drop the key inside the bag. Then, stay close to the car to know if it is closed or open. If you pull the car lock and the door is still locked, then it means the bag is working. You have to do the testing frequently. The bag stops signals from going out to car thieves. You may have to buy two bags. One for your spare key at home and another that you would be carrying around.  

  1. Update all software on your vehicle 

Don’t make the mistake of leaving any software installed on your car without being updated. If the software is not updated, it could be another loophole car key hackers can exploit to hack your car key fob. You need to constantly remind your car technician about this. 

  1. Make use of steering locks

Installing steering locks on your car is another way to prevent car key hijackers from speeding off with your car. A steering lock adds an extra layer of security to your vehicle. Even if the thief hacks your car keys, it would be difficult to steal the car with a steering lock. You can talk to your auto locksmith. Most of them are quite knowledgeable about car technology beyond just duplicating car keys for your car locks.    

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