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There are times when, after reaching the front door of your home, you find that you cannot locate your house key. Misplacing your key is very frustrating especially if you have had a long day at work and you were looking forward to a nice warm bath. However, before you break into your house and later incur a cost for the repair, you can contact Locksmith Philly. We will not only help you get into your home, but we will also sort all your house lock needs. We are your local Philadelphia residential locksmiths who are dedicated to assisting you.

Lockout Services in Philadelphia

If you’re locked out, call our residential Locksmith Philadelphia customer service representative. They will immediately dispatch one of our locksmiths. We arrive fast and provide you access to your house. We also provide you with an alternative set of house keys for your convenience. Just as you have saved contacts to emergency service providers, be sure to store Locksmith Philly’s number in your phone. We are always ready and willing to serve you.

We could assist you in getting access to your home and if you have a set of spare keys provide you with a set of duplicate keys. We could also change your locks as a result of the lost home key. No matter the situation, our experienced locksmiths will be there for you.


Locksmith PHILLY’s massive fleet located throughout Philadelphia ensures that we arrive fast when you call.

When it comes to lock repairs, we are Philly’s number one locksmith service provider. We are the best help you can get as our services are fast, reliable, and quite affordable. Our professional services are top-notch. You can depend on us at any time for all emergencies including a jammed lock or a broken key.

We work with the foremost lock brand manufacturers as well as lesser known brands. All our professional technicians are well versed in all types of locks. Besides replacing missing and lost keys, our expert technicians can also fix your broken locks. Try us; you will be genuinely amazed by our speed and resourcefulness. All our locksmiths are trained, experienced, and residential Philadelphia locksmiths. They are also insured, and background checked.

Broken Key Extraction

Sometimes in our hurry to get the house door open we may unintentionally use too much force and break off the house key in the lock. Traditionally, this would be a reason to panic. However, Locksmith Philadelphia has a solution that doesn’t involve changing locks. With the years of experience, our technicians possess, extracting a broken key from your locks is not an emergency.

Changing Locks


When it comes to changing locks and general lock repairs, we offer a variety of services to our customers. We can change the locks depending on customer choice as well as practicality. Our lock changing services offer Philadelphia residents respite when existing locks are not working correctly or when one needs a lock upgrade. Equally, we also supply rekey services when we change the configuration of your lock. Rekeying makes your old lock function like a new one as you also receive a brand-new set of keys for your lock. The beauty of the whole process is that it takes a brief time to complete.

We understand that you have a busy schedule. Our team of technicians is always speedy and efficient when changing locks to make sure that they don’t interrupt your daily agenda.

Lock Rekeying


Lost or stolen keys don’t have to cause you to compromise your security. It also does not have to result in replacing all the locks of your home anymore. Instead, our equipped locksmiths who are strategically placed near you will replace your key fast. Our lock rekey service helps homeowners, tenants, and real estate investors in Philadelphia.

What if someone finds my lost key? At Locksmith Philadelphia, we guarantee that you never have to worry about someone finding your lost house key. We make changes to your lock tumbler. Such modifications allow us to create a new key to operate your lock while at the same time rendering the lost or stolen keys useless.

If you have recently moved into a new house, our rekeying lock service is particularly useful. It confirms the safety of your property and home while keeping intruders, past roommates, previous tenants as well as former household employees who may have a copy of the old key out.

Lock Out Services

Residential lockout service: $70 – $145
Storage lockout: $70 – $115
Eviction assistance services: $135 – $545



Master Keying

Lock re–key & master key: $15 – $40

Locks and Installation

Residential knob lock: $60 – $125
Residential deadbolt lock: $70 – $160
Residential jimmy-proof deadbolt: $80 – $190
Residential handle set: $170 – $265
Garage door locks: $60 – $235
Security door locks: $70 – $245
Electrical and mechanical keypad locks: $170 – $315
Mailbox lock: $40 – $70
Drilling door lock openings: $55 – $125

Top Cheap Residential Locksmith in Philadelphia PA

There are times when, after reaching home, you find that you have lost your home key. It surely is frustrating especially since you are locked outside of your own house. But before you break the door down which may cost you quite a fortune to repair, you can contact Locksmith Philly to sort all your house lock needs. When it comes to lock repair, we at Locksmith Philly are the best help you can get since we are very fast to repair and trusted professionals whose services are top-notch. You can depend on us for small emergencies like a jammed lock or a broken key at any time.

Another great thing about our repair services is that we use some of the most common and known lock brands like Schlage, Baldvin, Kwikset, Anderson, Kivo, Schlage Connect, Augusta and Pella.

CCTV System Installation

CCTV systems have helped us to improve the security of our homes. At locksmith Philadelphia, we provide you with installation services upon which you can depend. Using the latest CCTV technology, we install IP capable cameras that give you access to live footage of your home. We also boost your home security by installing CCTV cameras in strategic locations. We reduce the blind spots and maximize on the CCTV capabilities to provide protection. Also, we ensure that your security monitor is in the most convenient place.

Apart from CCTV installation services, we also provide video doorbell installation services. A video doorbell offers you the convenience of knowing who is at the door from wherever you may be located. At locksmith Philadelphia, our technicians are fully equipped. We ensure that your home security improvement exceeds your expectations. Feel free to contact us for any CCTV repairs or installation concerns. We guarantee you quality services that are a value for your money.

Lock Varieties

We understand preference. Buying a new home or moving houses may lead to the desire to change locks. It may be either due to performance or aesthetics. Locksmith Philadelphia will give you a range of locks from which to choose. Merely give us a call. We provide all types of locks from smart locks, keypad locks, electronic locks, configuration locks, and tumbler locks. We also cater to those who prefer using pin code locks. All lock replacement and installation services are done fast. In some instances, faster than preparing a cup of coffee.

All these services are carried out by the best Philadelphia locksmiths. Our services fees are one the lowest in the market as we guarantee all our customers value for money. As an award-winning locksmith company, we work with some of the best customer service representatives. Working with the best at the lowest prices helps us to ensure that we don’t just offer excellent service, but our services leave all our customers with a satisfactory smile.

Eviction Services

Eviction is an unfortunate part of owning a property, but it’s necessary from time to time. Our residential locksmiths can assist you by providing eviction services. We work with accounts of all sizes. For more information reach out to us via our online form.

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