A locksmith is a professional who works on locks on doors and on windows. There are several types of locksmiths: commercial, residential, auto, and emergency. They play an important part in maintaining a safe environment at home and offices and protecting our vehicles from criminals. 

We use locks daily, but we still don’t think about their importance and the benefits they offer. And yet, we wouldn’t want to live in a house without locks, because we would feel completely unsafe, right? Yes, locks offer protection and safety, but you need to take it into account that simple and cheap locks don’t work. There are many types of locks on the market, and they offer different advantages. So, it is really hard amateur or someone who has no experience with locks, to choose the right one. But the residential locksmiths in Northeast Philadelphia can help you decide what type of lock would be right for your front door, back door, etc. Their advice will be based on knowledge and the years of experience they have.

The residential locksmiths

The residential locksmiths in Northeast Philadelphia offer a wide range of services apart from installing door locks. Master keying systems are perfect for someone who is fed up with having too many keys because it’s a lot to keep a track of and is quite exhausting. One of the biggest benefits of master key systems is considered to be the restriction of access to certain areas and improving your security. For example, if you rent your apartment to Vrbo and you want to keep a certain room where you keep valuables restricted from them, a master key systems help limit where they can go. There are several levels of master keys: master keys, grandmaster keys, sub-master keys, and maintenance keys. They all working in different ways and have different advantages. A residential locksmith will help you decide which meets your requirements best. Residential locksmiths also offer lock re-keying, changing locks, broken key extraction, installing or upgrading security systems, ect.

People get themselves locked out of homes all the time and lockout services in Northeast Philadelphia are quite frequently required, as well. Emergency locksmiths understand that it can be very annoying and can interfere with your plans for the day. So, they work really fast and can get you inside the house just in a few minutes. 

Commercial locksmiths

Commercial locksmiths in Northeast Philadelphia work on locks in commercial buildings. Anyone of them understands the importance of an adequate safety system for a successful business. Business owners also prioritize the safety of employees and the security of the commercial building. One of the most popular security systems that businesses use is an access control system. This system has many benefits, such as increasing security, restricting certain areas, protecting valuables, saving energy, and cost. Another security system that has become quite popular in the recent years is a CCTV system. It helps you monitor your property all day and all night, and acts as a crime-deterrent. In addition to this, CCTV cameras that are installed inside the commercial building help you keep track of what you employees are doing and keep employee theft to minimum.  Another great thing about CCTV system is that it doesn’t need lots of maintenance and you can watch live stream or footage of videos from any distance as long as you have a controller.

Some offices prefer to use buzzer systems to ensure a safe environment at work. A buzzer system is a type of remote door, and it makes a buzzing sound when you have a visitor. You have to push a button to open the door. It means that if an unwanted visitor is standing in front of the door, you can simply not open it. Buzzer systems offer convenience and security. There are many types of buzzer systems, and office locksmiths can help you determine which one to buy and install them for you in the office.  

Commercial locksmiths offer other services, for example, office door locksmith can help you with commercial door repair or install new locks for you. They also provide re-keying and changing the locks, intercom installation, lockout services, etc.

Auto Locksmith

As for car locksmiths in Northeast Philadelphiaone of the most common reasons they get a call is that customers need a broken key extraction. Some people try to remove the broken key themselves by using thin and long needles or some other tools, but most of them don’t succeed and end up shoving the broken pieces even further. Some of them might even damage the ignition in the process and need to replace it. But an auto locksmith has many experiences with this and can extract a broken without damaging the ignition, in just a few minutes. After it is over you can’t drive with a broken key or pieces of it, so if you don’t have a spare one, it will now be a good idea to get it. An auto locksmith can help you out. 

When you get a new key fob, there are two possible scenarios. In first one you install it yourself after some hard work and it work just fine because it was self-programming, but in the second scenario you bought the one that requires a professional. So, ask yourself a question “do I know any locksmiths near me?” Well, if you live in Northeast Philadelphia, you’re in luck, because Locksmiths Philly, can provide a solution to your problem and install a key fob for you. So, Locksmiths Philly provides key fob service, ignition repair, key programming and other auto locksmith services.  

Next time you need a locksmiths service, call a Locksmith Philly. No matter what your problem is, we will find you an effective solution in no time. Our technicians are skilled, experienced, and trustworthy. They will be able to answer all your questions and offer a professional piece of advice. Another reason why you should choose us is our fast response time and the ability to operate quickly.

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