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How to open a locked file cabinet?

How to open a locked file cabinet?

If you have lost the keys to your file cabinet and you are not able to find them anywhere. There is no need to get mad. There are many ways you can use to open a locked file cabinet. 

You can use a paper clip or wire to enter the cabinet. With a little bit of creativity and patience, you can easily figure out your locked file cabinet. 

We will teach you the method of how you can open the door of your locked file cabinet by using a simple paper clip. By utilizing the paper clip, you can easily get through the door of your cabinet. 

Carefully follow the steps if you want to get the answer to, “how to open a locked file cabinet by using a simple paper clip?” 

Give the paper clip a shape

Straighten the paper clip by completely giving it a straight wire-like shape. But, leave its one end bent. You will have to use the bent end of the paper clip to pick up the lock. 

If you are facing difficulty bending the paper clip. You can use pliers to bend it. It will become easier for you to give it a shape using pliers. 

Insert it in the keyhole

Now insert the paper clip inside the keyhole. It will work like a key for you. Insert the bent end inside the slot and try to put pressure on the locks inside. 

Use the paper clip vertically because in another case, if you use it horizontally, it will not work. The horizontal movement cannot push the locks. 

Turn the clip 

Turn the paper clip in left and right, in both directions. While turning, you will easily feel where the perfect locking position is. You should figure out, in which direction to move the tool before you open the cabinet. 

Some of the cabinets are unlocked by rotating the paper clockwise. But some get unlocked when you turn the clip counterclockwise. 

Get the paper clip out of the keyhole

After you succeed by moving the paperclip in the right direction, now pull the paper clip out of the keyhole. As the job of the paper clip is done. s

Open your cabinet now

After the locks are positioned correctly. Pull the handle of your file cabinet to open the door. Simply slide open the cabinet by pulling the door and get access through it. 

There are many other ways as well to unlock a locked file cabinet. But using a paper clip to unlock a cabinet is the most applied and working method of opening up a filing cabinet. Hope you find the information working. 

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