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How to open a key fob of any car?

How to open a key fob of any car?

As you know that key fob is a small remote that is used to operate the car from a distance. All companies have been manufacturing key fobs with their vehicles for the past many years. These little fobs are now part of a car owner’s life and are very convenient and useful. 

These key fobs have made life much easier than before. You don’t have to insert the key inside the door lock to open it. Instead, you can easily open the door by just pushing a button on the fob in no time. 

These key fobs work with batteries and these batteries expire after some time and you have to change them. to change the battery, first, you have to know where the battery is actually located. The battery is present inside the key fob. 

To change the battery you have to open up the key fob and then you can easily change the battery. The question is, “is it difficult to open a key fob”? 

A key fob is just a combination of two plastic casings stuck together with a screw. You can easily open it up and change the battery to make it work like before. Follow the steps below to open the key fob of any car you want. 

Follow the instructions

Many cars have almost the same fobs. But the only difference between the fobs is that some have keys inside the fobs and some don’t. 

If the key is inside the fob. Remove it and then place it aside. The key should be taken out to make a clear view of the fob and make it easy to open. 

After the key is removed. Turn the key fob. You will see a screw behind the fob. The only screw that is holding both the halves together. Use a screwdriver to unscrew it. Remove the screw and place it aside so you can find it easily after you have finished the process. 

After the screw is removed. Now use a flat-headed screwdriver to push it gently between the halves of the key fob. Do this gently so you don’t damage the casing. After the flat head reaches inside a bit. Move it upward and the fob will open. 

This is the simple method you can use to open the key fob. It does not matter what type of fob it is and what is the model of the car? You can easily open any type of fob by just this simple process. 

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