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Should you choose a doorknob or a lever handle?

Should you choose a doorknob or a lever handle?

When it comes to building a new house or renovating the old one. This decision, whether to choose door knobs or lever handles for the doors leaves the person scratching his head.

There is no valuable reason to choose on the other. Because both knobs and levers have pros and as well as cons. However, choosing one of them for your own interest is not bad.

Follow the article along with so that you can find out that how door knobs and lever handles differ from each other. Along with this difference, you will also come to know about the pros and cons of both doorknobs and lever handles. This will help you make a perfect choice.



Door knobs are old styled locks that are attached to the doors in many houses. These door knobs have a round mechanism of closing and opening the doors. This is one of the main factors which makes the difference between the levers and knobs.

Door knobs have advantages as well as disadvantages:

Door knobs are round shaped that are difficult to grip for a handicapped or a kid. Therefore due to improper grip, it is difficult for old people of children to open the door. However, they are useful on the doors of specific rooms where you don’t want the children to go.

One more problem is that you cannot open the door by turning the knob with wet hands. And most of the doorknobs come with a push button to unlock or lock the door. An opinion is not to buy them. Because the child may lock himself inside the room accidentally and not know how to open the door and come out.

The doorknobs don’t provide much security same as the lever handle locks. Both of these are designed for the interiors. Therefore you should not use them as primary security devices for your house on the main door.

Along with these cons, doorknobs also have good advantages. They come in traditional colors which can enhance the beauty of the house. Door knobs are easy to maintain as well. You can use them at specific places where you don’t want children to have access.

A child cannot turn the knob easily, therefore he or she will not be able to enter the bedroom and make a mess in it. You can use these knobs if you have crazy pets like cats and children around the house.

Due to its round structure, any pet like cats and dogs can never turn it with the help of their paws. So, you can prevent your tidy rooms from being messy just by using doorknobs on the room’s door.

Lever Handles

Lever handle locks have a horizontal handle that is used to open or close the door. It is important to check the orientation of the lever when installing it to the door. The right-hand door requires a right-hand lever and the left-hand door requires a left-hand lever. They come in both traditional and modern styles.

Similar to knobs, levers also have advantages and disadvantages:

The spring inside the lever which holds it may get damaged due to frequent use. Therefore you might have to hire a professional locksmith for the maintenance of your lever several times.

One more factor why people don’t prefer lever handle locks is that they don’t make the room childproof. A kid can easily open the door by just pulling the lever.

As the lever handle locks are of long shape. They can stick clothes in them and cause wear and tears to your beautiful dress. Many times this happened that when a person passes by, his shirt gets stuck in the lever and tears.

After all, as you have known that lever handles also have cons in them. You should be pretty sure that however lever handles have fewer disadvantages than the doorknobs. They are easy to operate as they have a simple mechanism. Anyone can turn the lever easily and open the door.

You can even open that door if your hands are full of goods. Yes! You can, by just pushing the lever downwards using your elbow. This is their best advantage that they are convenient enough to open the doors.

Along with these pros, lever handle locks come in gorgeous designs and they increase the beauty of your door. You should try the lever handle locks out.

The final decision

After all this information, you should have made a choice. However if not then we can help you choose one. In Philadelphia, Montco locksmith deals with the installing and repairing of different types of door locks and they are known as the pillar of locksmith service in Philadelphia.

Montco locksmith refers that you should go with the lever handle locks. The reason is that they are available in many designs and you can choose from a vast collection to decorate and secure your house.

If we talk about the grip, these levers are handier than the doorknobs. You might think that children can trouble if you use lever handle locks. As Montco locksmith is a professional company. We have a solution to everything. You can attach the lever at a specific height with the door where the children’s hand can’t reach.

By this, you can save your rooms from being messy. Whenever you decide to get any of these installed or repaired. Just give a call to Montco locksmith. We will immediately come to your location and help you out. Feel free to contact us any time.

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