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How to change a car key battery by yourself?

How to change a car key battery by yourself?

If the range of your car key has vanished, or you are unable to get a response from the car after you press the button. Or if the vehicle is facing a problem in recognizing the signals, the key fob battery is probably dead. You have to replace the battery of your key fob so that it can start working properly again.
If there is no battery in the key fob, it cannot get power from the cell to emit signals that are to be caught by the car. Therefore having a battery in the key fob is the first thing if you want it to work.
It is very easy to replace a battery inside the key fob no matter what the model of the car is. You will just need a few tools to open the key fob and charge the battery with a new one. There is a chance that your car key is damaged and will need to replace the car key.

Follow the six easy and simple steps to change the battery inside the key fob

Step 1: Collect the tools. You will only need a flat-headed screwdriver and a new battery to replace the old one.

Step 2: Find the notch to open the fob using the screwdriver. This is a tricky part of the whole process. The notch is not always obvious in every fob. To enhance the look of the fob, some models have a small gap at the top but for others, you have to check the point where the key slides out.

Step 3: After you find the notch, use the flat-headed screwdriver to open up the body of your key fob. When you will insert the driver in and push it a bit, it will open the key fob in two parts. It will look like someone has cut the key fob in half. The opening of the fob will reveal a round battery installed inside the fob. This is the battery that has lost its life and now putting your life in trouble.

Step 4: Now get to work and identify the type of battery that is installed before. Look closely at the battery inside and look for the markings on it. It will reveal the type of your battery. If the battery doesn’t show any signs, you can check the area where it was placed. It is sure that the marks will be available there for you. Check the kind of your battery and buy a brand new battery for your key fob of the same kind.

Step 5: Replace the old battery with the new one. The old battery will easily come out if you try to pop it out using your finger. Remove the old battery and place the new one at the place where the old battery was. Now you have placed the battery and it is time to do the final thing.

Step 6: Snap the fob shut. Now when you have a new key ready with a new battery. You can shut the key fob. It should click back its place when you squeeze both parts together. Check the key fob, it will work better than before.

This is how you can replace an old battery from your key fob. It doesn’t matter whether you drive a Honda, Audi, or any car. You can change the battery with just mentioned six easy steps.
Now it depends on the quality of the battery that you have placed and how long will it work. On an average basis, you will have to change the battery of your key fob every five years or so.
So whenever you change the battery, select a good quality so that you don’t have to open up the fob again soon and change it. Never compromise on the quality of things that you are going you use.

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