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Can a Locksmith Open a Safe

Can a Locksmith Open a Safe


There are many reasons that could lead someone to call a locksmith to access a safe. The instances include when one has lost the combination to their safe, a damaged safe after a break-in, lost dialing sequence, lock failure, disconnected bolts, fired re-lockers, and dried lubrication, among others. In this situation, most people wonder, Can a locksmith open a safe? The doubt could because there are also technicians who offer these services too. A locksmith is the best person to fully and safely render the service of opening the safe.

Before calling a locksmith, it is important to identify and determine the kind of safe it is. It is important as it will give the locksmith an idea of what method to use and the anti-theft measures.

To determine the kind of safe, one needs to find the model, brand, and the serial number for the locksmith to research. The brand is easiest to find as safe manufacturers fix it on or beside the door of the safe. The serial number is located at the bottom corner of the door while the model is put on the back of the safe which could be difficult to find it the safe is heavy to move or bolted down. Therefore, it is important to call the manufacturer to inquire about the model type by providing them with the brand and serial number. With these three aspects, a locksmith will determine the correct drill points to access the safe without damaging it.

With the information about the model, brand, and serial number, a locksmith can come with the right knowledge and tools for the job. It is also important to give locksmith detailed information about the type of safe it is, that is whether it is electronic or mechanical. It is also important to involve a professional locksmith to open a safe, and once one is identified, you can be certain that the items are safe. There are various methods a locksmith can use to access a safe and they include the following;

Safe Dial Combination Retrieval

This method involves the use of the serial number to safely retrieve the original combination. The safe opens only on the basis that the owner has not changed the original safe combination. After it is open, the locksmith can set the combination to their client’s desired numbers. Alternatively, if desired, the locksmith can replace the dial of the safe with an electronic lock.

Electronic Combination Override

When the lock of a client’s safe is electronic, the serial number of the safe or that of the electronic lock is used to determine if there is a master override code to access the safe.  When a locksmith enters the override lock, it resets the electronic lock for the lock’s default combination to work.

Safe Manipulation

Safe Manipulation

Usually, when one thinks about manipulation, it brings a lot of negative perceptions. In this case, however, manipulation of a safe involves professional skills and patience that only the best and trained locksmiths possess. Safe manipulation yields the best results on safes that have dial combinations. The reason it is a popular entry method is that it helps a locksmith gain access to a safe without damaging the components of it. There are other entry methods that locksmiths can take advantage of, although they are associated with the risk of damaging the internal features of a safe. To promptly and properly manipulate a safe, a locksmith should have the knowledge of how the safe dial’s wheel pack and spindle of the works.

Forced Entry

Forced Entry

Having a locksmith used forced entry is a less debonair method than manipulation. This method is used as the last resort, especially if the owner has forgotten their safe combination. The locksmith will not have to resort using the forced entry method especially if it is not broken. Where forced entry is used in most cases, there must be external or internal damage to the safe for instance if there was a break-in, rendering it impossible to open using other techniques.

Opening Safe with Override Key

It is also possible to open a safe using an override key without having to enter the code. There are some manufacturers who provide this method to access a safe, especially for the inexpensive safes. When it is impossible to open a safe using the usual code, and the manufacturer can provide an override key, they send it through mail.

The override key will help access the safe without having to call a locksmith. Once it is open, one can reset the electronic lock themselves. I the situation when a manufacturer cannot provide the key, a key override can play the same role. This is where a locksmith comes in to help in picking the lock or making a key which will help in gaining access to the safe. If the manufacturer provided a number stamped close to the keyhole of the key override, then it will be easy for a locksmith to quickly access the safe.

It is important to understand than on high-security safes; there is a key that should be used together with the combination. These are not bypassed keys, and they cannot be used to access the safe without the combination. Safe keys make it easy to access a safe without having to drill the safe open, which could lead to incurring repair expenses. When the safe opens using this method, the locksmith helps in resetting the safe’s combination as desired by the client.

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