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How to get key out of car ignition

How to get key out of car ignition

What, if you are in hurry and your key stuck in the car ignition? Well, it’s an irritating and stressful thing that ever happens to someone who is in a hurry to go somewhere. So if this happens to you, you need a car locksmith near you urgently and maybe you can’t wait for a mechanic so you can do some tricks for getting free of that situation.

Sometimes when your key stuck in car ignition, you may panic or irritated the first thing you should always remember that don’t rotate your key with so much force otherwise your key could break into parts and that will be much big problem. Try to rotate it gently counterclockwise it may help you but if it is not working then have patience.

Here we are going to describe some reasons, how your car key could be stuck in the car ignition, and how to get rid of this situation.

Steering Wheel Lock

 When you stop your car, turn it off and move your steering wheel a little bit more then it may lock your car’s steering wheel and if it happens then you will not be able to pull out your key from the ignition due to the ignition cylinder and steering wheel lock at the same time.

Dead battery 

Car ignition takes power from the battery for working and if the battery dies, your key can be stuck in the car ignition and that will be more stressful for you. If this happens you have to wait for a new battery to be installed in your car or a jump start.

Damaged key

The damaged key is another reason for this, so you have to be more careful about your key. Don’t scratch any hard surface with your key it can harm your key and it can be tougher to remove your key safely.

Damaged Ignition Cylinder

Damaged car ignition cylinder can be another reason, why a key is stuck in the ignition. When some rows of spring-loaded pins in the ignition matched with your key when it will be inserted in a car ignition it can stop your key from coming out.

Parking Gear not set 

Before taking out your car’s key from the ignition in the parking mode you must check that the gear should be set to park. If your gear is set to another available gear like drive, neutral or other so it can stop your key from coming out. Before taking out your key please check that the “P” is highlighted.

Let’s have a look at what you should try if your key is stuck in the car ignition

if you ever notice that you cannot get your key out of the ignition so here are some ideas you can try if it ever happens to you-

  • Try to set parking gear
  • Try to clang the steering wheel
  • You can spray the WD-40 spray on that it may help you in slightly taking out your key.
  • You can try Adhesive remover if your key is not damaged but some dirt or gunk spread on your key.

What if a key broke off inside the ignition

it is the most stressful thing that ever happens with someone but if you are struggling with the same so don’t pull your key forcefully because it will harm your can badly. This happens when you try to pull out your key with too much force, here is what you can do in this situation.

Key Extractor can help you in this stressful situation and it is cheaper than a mechanic. There are different types of key extractor you should take a look

  • Tweezers or needle-nosepliersJigsaw blade

And if it all will not enough then you have to call a professional car locksmith.

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