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How Much Does It Cost to Change Locks?

How Much Does It Cost to Change Locks?

Locks are essential in your home, cars, offices and many other places that you want to keep safe. The safety locks keep the precious possessions safe from being stolen and also offer you the guarantee that all your essential stuff will remain protected and secure completely.

Well, there are different types of locks in the market for various purposes. There are residential locks that are commonly used for home securities, commercial locks for offices and industries and some of the other type of bolts used to lock your vehicles, safe lockers, doors, and many other things.

All these locks are readily available in the market. These locks are installed by the appropriate type of locksmith that is professional in that category. As we know that locks are used to keep things safe, so there should be no neglection in their proper installation and also repairing in case of any problem. Additionally, sometimes the cost to change locks on houses or offices becomes too high that the owner faces a kind of trouble to pay this enormous amount of money to the locksmith. That’s why, it is vital to select the best locksmith for installing, changing or repairing your locks.

So, here are some of the tips that will help you select the best locksmith to change the locks and you also don’t have to pay the high cost to change door locks or any lock.


The very first thing to consider while selecting the locksmith to change the locks is the pricing of his services. You should ask him in advance that how much does it cost to get your locks changed? Since it is already described above that most of the time it happens that people have to pay a lot more cost to change locks on houses or offices that they face trouble after getting the services. This is only because they don’t get clear about the service charges. That’s why it is preferred to ask before taking the services that how much it costs to change locks. If it is a lot more than the regular pricing or it is not affordable to you, then you should not get services from that locksmith.

Well, according to Home Advisor, the average cost of hiring a locksmith is around $152, while it can go from $95 to $210. All the cost to change locks depends upon the working and the nature of service that you are going to take from the locksmith. Additionally, the price is affected by the timing and the location where the locksmith has to go for repairs. And if you are going to add up specialized locks like biometric, then the service cost will increase. So, you should keep all these aspects in your mind before hiring a locksmith to change the locks.


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Another factor to consider while hiring a locksmith to change locks is specialization. If you had appropriately thought about the pricing and you get a locksmith that will serve you at an affordable rate, then it does not mean that you don’t consider the specializations. This is the major part to consider while hiring the locksmith.

As you have noticed that people have to change locks for their offices or factories they hire the locksmith that is specialized to install, repair and change the locks on homes. They do this to save the money that they have to pay for the services. But they don’t think that the locksmith that they had hired is not specialized enough to change this type of lock and in the result, the locksmith does not do it properly. The lock does not change in a better way, and it does not provide the perfect security as it was expected from it, which at last increases the risk of more loss as compared to spending more money to hire the specialized locksmith.


The next thing to consider while hiring a locksmith is his experience. Sometimes, only specialization and affordable pricing are not enough. You have to consider the experience of the person from which you are going to get services of you to lock changes.

Since there are lots of locksmiths and locks available in the market and all of them require different expertise and experiences to install, change and repair them. It sometimes happens that people hire such locksmith for the changing of lock that doesn’t have changed that kind of lock before. He may have the proper specialization for the changing of that lock category but the scenario and the complexity of its changing is quite different from the other and it is not much experienced to tackle that situation.

Additionally, after knowing this, owner still prefer to take the services of the same locksmith to save the time and amount to hire another locksmith, but they don’t understand that if there occurs any problem during the changing for which this locksmith is not experienced to tackle, then there are huge chances that he may not change it in perfectly. There may be left some defects in the changes which in result enhance the security issues.

So, it is also preferred that you should hire the locksmith that also have the experience to tackle the problems in a better way.

Certification and Licensing

Well, there are some of the locksmiths that have perfect specialization and experience to change the lock of a specific niche and they also offer service at affordable price rates but they are not properly certified or licensed. Since this thing does not bother too much because it is capable of performing the task perfectly, but it will be great if you hire the locksmith that is certified and licensed for this purpose. In this way, there will remain no doubt about his work because companies had properly tested him and after that licensed and certified him to perform the lock changing tasks.

So, above has described some of the tips that you should definitely consider while selecting the locksmith for changing locks. It will offer the assurance of best services.

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