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How to figure out the master lock combination?

How to figure out the master lock combination?

A master lock contains numbers on it and the numbers are arranged in a combination to open the lock. This combination of numbers is set by the person having the master lock. The owner of the master lock has to remember the passcode if he or she wants to unlock the master lock after he has locked it. 

In case, if you forget the combination of your master lock. You put yourself in trouble. Now you cannot easily open the lock if you don’t know the exact combination. We will tell you the basics you can follow to figure out the combination of your master lock. 

Take a look at the brief information below so you can perform the best actions accurately to open the lock. Follow the steps carefully and you can figure out the combination of your master lock with ease. 

Determine the model of your master lock

It is important to check the model of your master lock before you perform any combination figuring process. Because the method we are going to tell you cannot open the master lock with the model number from 800 to 908. 

Some people are able to figure out these model numbers using this method as well but there is no guarantee that it will work for sure. 

Clear the lock 

After knowing the model now you have to clear the lock completely by rotating the dial to the minimum that is three times past the zero figure. Be sure to stop the rotation at zero marks as well. 

Give some tension to the shackle

Now apply the tension on the shackle of the padlock by grabbing it in one hand pulling the shackle with pressure using your fingers. 

Keep on applying the force and rotate the dial-in counter-clockwise direction. The dial may not move while you are pulling the shackle. In this situation, lose the shackle and rotate the dial clockwise to two numbers. 

Then again push the shackle with force and rotate the dial of the padlock counterclockwise. 

Find the sticky points

While you are applying the force on the shackle and rotating the dial. You will feel that at some point the dial jams. Suppose that it is stuck on 7 when you move counterclockwise and stocks on 5 when you move clockwise. 

Note down the numbers, these are your first sticky points. Now loosen the shackle and move the dial one number forward to 8. Now do the same process three times and you will get the sticky points of your lock. 

As a result, you will get some fractions and some whole numbers. Cancel the fractions and note down the whole numbers that are five. 

Check the combinations

Now check out the combinations that you have recorded. You will have only a few combinations. Check the combinations carefully that you have figured out. You can crack the lock within 15 minutes. 

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