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What are Doorknobs? And its Pros and Cons

What are Doorknobs? And its Pros and Cons

Doors are everywhere around the world and all the doors have locks attached to them. Door locks are a very important component of the door. Since no other gadget has replaced the door locks from the past many years.

Door locks are of different types and they have different security levels. Some locks provide higher security and some are not that great with the safety of the house. Doorknobs are the most common type of locks and are used widely all over the world.

Almost every residence and commercial areas like offices, large companies, organizations, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels, etc have many doorknobs attached to their building doors. These doorknobs are handy, pretty, and reliable.

The safety level of Doorknobs

When it comes to security, doorknobs are not much convenient to be used on the external doors. This is because the doorknobs have a cylinder in the knob, instead of the door. Therefore a robber might enter the residence by just breaking the knob with a hammer.

Anyways, knob locks are best for internal use and they are being used on the internal doors for a long time and it doesn’t seem that they have any other lock in the competition with them.

Montco locksmith and the knob locks

Everything has a life, similarly, knob locks also have their lifetime. They can work for a long period of time if used wisely. But they can damage. And it’s not a big deal. Montco locksmith is providing locksmith services for decades in Philadelphia.

We have a professional staff of experienced workers who can instantly deal with your lockout. No matter whether you want a locked door opening service, knob lock installation service, or any other locksmith service.

Montco locksmith is always ready to help you with all types of lockouts at reasonable prices and will never disappoint you. We are 24/7 available at your service.

“Every gadget has PROS and as well as CONS. Similarly, knob locks have PROS and CONS as well. We are going to discuss the positivity and negativity of the knob locks briefly, so that our customers can gather as much as information they can”.

PROS of Doorknobs

Every good thing has advantages and disadvantages as well. If we talk about the advantages of the doorknobs, we can make a fine list. Doorknobs are being used in different companies for years. Almost each and every house or office has doorknobs installed to their doors. The main reason why people prefer doorknobs for internal use is that these locks provide decent security and they also look pretty.

Some will prefer doorknobs because they can eliminate the chances of tearing your clothes. Yes! In other locks like the lever handle locks, the dress can be stuck and tear. Whereas on the other hand, we have doorknobs that are of round surface and never grabs the dress.

If you want doorknobs for your restaurant or hotel rooms. It is understood that you will look for locks that are safe, eye-catching, and also look beautiful. So, doorknobs are the best option for this type of luxury area. Because they come in different varieties which lease the audience.

Along with this, the people who have clever pets at home who knowhow to open the door should use doorknobs in the rooms like bedrooms and living rooms. Because turning the door with paws is almost impossible, so the pets will not enter the bedroom and you can enjoy the bed.

Similarly, if you don’t want small children or toddlers to enter some specific rooms. You can use a doorknob. It will be difficult for the toddler to turn the knob and he or she will not have access to those specific rooms anymore.

CONS of Doorknobs

As we have talked about the advantages of the doorknobs. Now we are telling you the disadvantages of the doorknobs so that you can get complete awareness about the knob locks and don’t face any hurdle after buying it.

Door knobs are not applicable in areas where you want the handicaps to access the rooms. Like if it is an institute of disabled people. The building must not have doorknobs. Because is difficult for a handicapped to turn the knob to open the door. He or she may face a lot of trouble opening the doors. Lever handle locks are the best option in such institutes.

As we talked about that a knob is round and it requires more force to turn and open the door which a physically disabled or an aged person can not apply to it. Therefore these locks are banned in some cities of Canada. They prefer lever locks over knob locks. But the manufacturers of knobs have also fixed this issue. They have made oval-shaped knobs that are easy to turn.

Door knobs are not recommended for external use because there are many other locks that can provide more security than the knob locks. Doorknobs have the locking cylinder inside the knob instead of the door. Therefore it can easily be broken using a hammer.

But if the knob is used with any other lock as a secondary lock on the external doors. Then it can become helpful on the outside doors as well.

Montco locksmith service

Montco locksmith provides doorknob repairing and installing services as well. We are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for our customers all over Philadelphia. We have a team of professional workers who will provide you a high standard of professional work at a reasonable price.


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