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How to repair the ignition coil of a car?

How to repair the ignition coil of a car?

Ignition of the car is the main component of it. The ignition switch sends signals to the engine of the vehicle after the driver turns the switch on. This results in starting the engine and making the car ready for the drive.

The ignition services are the most asked services by the customers. The ignition may break when you forcibly insert the key or you might have a problem with the coils of the ignition. It is important to make sure that the coils of the ignition are working all the time.

 Otherwise, you cannot start the car properly. If you have trouble with your ignition coils. You can deal with them by just reading the instructions carefully. 

Let’s get started 

Open up the front portion of your car. You will see a cover with bolts on it in the center of the car bonnet close to the engine. Open the bolts using a driver and remove the cover. Under the cover, you will see four coils one after the other. 

After you have opened everything and the coils are visible. It is time to locate what part of the coils is broken or damaged. First of all, start the car engine and boost it up a bit. You can see the engine shaking a lot and producing some metallic sound. This shows that there is some problem with the coils. But what and where it is. You have to find it. 

The easy way is to replace the coils and attach new ones because it is quite impossible to repair a broken ignition and it might damage the other components of the car. 

Steps to replace the coils

Make sure that the engine is cool and the brakes are applied. Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cables to prevent yourself from any kind of shock. 

After you’ve done this. Now replace the coils by unscrewing them. It is better to remove one coil at a time because this will be much easier for you to handle. Remove the coils carefully and place them aside. 

To check whether the coils are damaged or not. Use a multimeter. Using a multimeter you can easily make sure that which coil is damaged and which one is correct. 

Verify that you have the correct coils to place back. If any of the coils are damaged. Replace it with a new one and then lubricate all the perfect coils and install them again by screwing them at the place from where you unscrewed them. 

Reinstall all the components you removed. Plug the negative wires, close the boot and take your car for a test drive. You will feel that your car is working more accurately than before. 

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