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How to program a car key?

How to program a car key?

Nowadays electric key fobs have taken place of the keys in old ages. These electronic keys are also known as key fobs. These keys are small in size and are similar to remotes. When the button on the key fob is pressed, it sends signals to the vehicle with which it is programmed and then a certain function of the car operates. By using these electronic keys, you can easily operate your car from a distance. Like you can open doors, windows of the car, and you can do many other things as well.

There is a small size chip in such keys and this chip is needed to be programmed so that it can operate different functions of the car without putting the owner in trouble.

It is fact that many cars don’t need to get the key inserted in order to start the car. They just receive signals from the electronic key and then the car starts itself.

Programming a second or third key

  • The easiest and most used programming process is when you choose to program a separate key. Since you have your previous key you can use, the manufacturers assume that you own the car, and then they do their work quickly and easily. Now follow the steps to program a new key for your car.
  • Sit on the driver’s seat in your car and place the new blank key somewhere near your reach. If you have two existing keys, set the second key with the blank one. You will have to swap them quickly, so keep them close to each other.
  • When you get ready, insert the existing key into the ignition of your car. Turn the key to the ON position. Turn it but don’t start the engine. In easy words, turn the key to the point where the electrical system is activated. After doing this, turn the key back to the OFF position and remove it from the switch.
  • Now is when you have to be quick. You’ll have to remove the first key and place the next one within a total of five seconds. Depending on the vehicle, your second key might be your new key or the second working key. Repeat the same process by turning the electronics and then turning it OFF again.
  • If you have and want to program the third key as well. Perform the same swapping process with the third key as well. If not, then leave the second one inside the ignition. When the new key is inserted and turned off, your car should go to security mode.
  • The security lights will light up on the dashboard. These lights will stay illuminated for a small time period of three seconds. During this, the key will be programmed. On some vehicles, you have to press a button on the key to confirm the programming. Once the lights turn OFF remove the key and then reinsert it to confirm whether the process was successful or not.

This is the process that you can use to program a car key. This was the easy way to program a car key. But if you find it difficult or you want a single key programming process, go contact a professional locksmith and he will do it for you. As the locksmiths are professional with their work, they will do it a lot better than an ordinary person who has just taken information from the internet.

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