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How to extract a broken key from a lock?

How to extract a broken key from a lock?

A key can break inside the lock if you try to open the lock hard or you insert the wrong key inside the lock. The key will get stuck inside and you can break a part of it inside if you force yourself to open the lock with that wrong key. 

After you break the key inside the lock. There is no need to panic. You can easily get the broken key out of the lock after you read the instructions given below carefully. We will tell you about the 3 best and working methods that you can use to get the key out of the lock. 

The three most used methods for broken keys extractions are using tweezers, using super glue, and using a broken key extractor. You can use any of the methods that suit you. Hopefully, you will get the broken key out of your lock.


The first method is using tweezers and you might have also thought that you can use tweezers to get the key out, even before you opened this article. Using tweezers to extract broken keys is a working method. 

Make sure that the tweezers you are using are small enough to get inside the lock opening and for grabbing the key inside. If the tweezers are big, you will push the key further and it will make it harder to get it out. 

Use small tiny tweezers that insert the hole and easily open inside it. After you are able to do this. Gently, grab the key and slowly pull it out. It will take you three to four attempts and you will finally get the key out. 


The next method is using super glue. Use the super glue stick and attach it with the small part of the broken key that is visible outside. After the glue melts and sticks with the key, let it dry. When the glue dries, it will hold the key strengths. 

Now you can pull the key out by just pulling the glue stick. This might become a long process as the glue may release the key when you pull it. But you will get half of the key out in two to three attempts and further you can pull it using your fingers. 

Broken key extractors

Broken key extractors are the best option as they are made for this purpose. Many locksmiths who are called to get the broken keys out of the locks, use these extractors and accomplish the task in moments. 

It is a complete set and you can buy it from a locksmith company. After you get this kit, you will easily understand how to operate it and will easily be able to extract the broken key in a few minutes. 

These are the best methods you can use to extract a broken key from a lock. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully if you want to get the best results out of it. 

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