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How do master keys work?

How do master keys work?

Any key that can open two or more locks is considered a master key. Master keys use pins and tumbler locks to work. If you want the master key to work, there must be a master wafer inside the lock you want the master key to operate. 

When the master wafer lines up, the key and the lock can turn freely and you can easily open the lock using a master key. When the wafers don’t line up, the master key won’t be able to open the lock. It works with multiple master wafer configurations. 

The working mechanism of a master key 

Most master key systems work on a basic pin tumbler lock. Let us tell you that how a basic pin tumbler lock will works,

To open a lock, a pin stack consisting of a driver pin and a key pin must be elevated so that the two rest on opposite sides of the shear line. A key lifts key pins within a lock. These key pins are all of the different sizes. The driver pins will be of universal size. Therefore, the key needs to have the right set of grooves to lift the key pins to the correct height. With that understanding, it will be easier to comprehend the addition of a master key system. All that is needed for any standard pin tumbler to be converted for a master key system is to add a master wafer, between a driver and key pin. A master wafer is virtually a small pin. Once it is in place, the pin stack will have two shear lines. A shear line for a pin stack with a master wafer below or above the line.

Master keys system is very useful in commercial areas mostly. You can take many advantages from master keys. The owner can do whatever he wants according to his thoughts if he wants to minimize or maximize the access of different people at different places.

Master keys and Locksmith Philly

Locksmith Philly can help you with the master key system as well. We have professional staff for the master keys system. Our master key professional technicians can perform any type of high-standard work related to master keys. 

Installing a master keys system in your business is an additional security system that will save your valuables from many mishaps. Locksmith Philly will help you install the complete master key and lock system wherever you want in Philadelphia. 

Call us immediately if you want master key services. Locksmith Philly will reach you and help you with your problem. 

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